YouTube Music, Personalized Playlists Arrive


Google has released a new, important feature of YouTube Music: custom playlists, which bring the service closer to Spotify.

Google has launched custom playlists for YouTube Music, a feature that brings service even closer to other competitors like Spotify. These are playlists based on users’ listening preferences, which are updated regularly.

New custom playlists include Discover MixNew Release Mix, and Your Mix. Discover Mix is ​​similar to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist and shows new songs and artists that might please the user, chosen based on the existing music library. It is updated weekly. New Release Mix shows the latest music from favorite artists and others you might like. This is also updated weekly. Finally, Your Mix is ​​full of songs by artists that the user likes, with a splash of other artists. Here the frequency of updates is not yet clear.

The new YouTube Music playlists are already available for iOS and Android applications, as well as for the browser version of the service.