Xbox: None of the Studies Acquired by Microsoft Is at the Level of Sony’s 1st Party, for an Ex-Naughty Dog


According to former Naughty Dog Jonathan Cooper, none of the studies acquired by Microsoft to make games for the new Xbox is at the level of Sony’s 1st party.

According to former Naughty Dog Jonathan Cooper, none of the studies acquired by Microsoft in recent months to develop games for the new Xbox is at the level of Sony’s 1st party.

Cooper didn’t send them to tell Microsoft in a message on Twitter, hoping that the Redmond house did the cleaning in his publishing department, which, to paraphrase, he said he literally sucked for the whole generation (his expression it is much more colorful and also includes organic waste, but we have refined it because we are gentlemen).

Cooper explained that it does not refer to the disastrous launch of the console, but to the inability to work with the 1st and 3rd party studios to produce quality content.

To that Garrett Young of Better 2 gether Games reminded him of the recent acquisitions made by Microsoft. Cooper literally replied: “None of the acquired studies is at the same level as Sony’s 1st party and will be able to reach them only with the right financial support and long-term hiring. I like this way more than creating new studios from scratch who do not have a shared culture. “

In short, Cooper doesn’t see Microsoft’s moves as completely negative (he expressed only his opinions in a very colorful way). Indeed, he thinks he is on the right path for Xbox, but he must support his choices so as not to get lost in the street, that is, if he wants to get his studies to the level of Santa Monica or Guerrilla.