Pokémon GO: Virizionio in the Legendary Hour of Today 18 December 2019


The Legendary Hour of Pokémon GO returns, and today December 18, 2019, will propose a Pokémon never seen before: it is Virizion, all the details from Niantic Labs.

Like every self-respecting Wednesday, even today December 18, 2019, the appointment with the Legendary Hour of Pokémon GO returns. This is the initiative that sees every single Pokémon Gym free in the game world host the Legendary of the moment: let’s see today’s details.

Today, Wednesday, December 18, 2019, the new Legendary Hour of Pokémon GO will be held: an exceptional protagonist will be Virizion, the latest addition to the Legendary family of the Fifth Generation of Unima. The time to watch is the usual: from 18:00 to 19:00 (GMT +1) all the Gyms will host Virizion, an invaluable opportunity to challenge it, capture it and record it in the PokéDex. Remember to bring your friends with you, and above all a team of effective monsters against Variation.

If you can’t play during the Legendary Hour of Pokémon GO today, do not despair: the events of December 2019 will be numerous and in any case, the new Pokémon will remain available until January 2020.