One Piece: Luffy vs Kaido in the Episode 914 of the Anime, That’s Who Won the Fight


In the 914 episodes of the One Piece anime, Luffy Cappello di Paglia finally faced Kaido, but who won the two? Let’s see the details.

As anticipated in the previous episode (the 913), Luffy and Kaido finally met for the first time in the One Piece anime. The episode was broadcast in Japan last weekend, and will be adapted and dubbed also in Italy only in the near future. So, if you don’t want to know for the moment who won the fight, avoid reading further.

Recently in the last One Piece episodes dedicated to the Narrative Arch of Wano, the crew of Luffy Cappello di Paglia has discovered that Kaido Dei Quattro Imperatori is also present on the island and that it supports Orochi. Following the attack by the Pirate of the Hundred Beasts, Luffy took to the field to challenge him to a duel; the clash, epic and masterfully animated by Toei Animation, it ended however with a stalemate. Luffy showed off his techniques to keep up with Kaido for a while, then he had to give in: it is clear that the level of the second, at least for the moment, is too much higher than his.

Obviously in the near future, but it is not well known in which episode of One Piece, Luffy and Kaido will clash again: Kaido is an important enemy and stands between the protagonist and the title of the Pirate King. Who will win it? Meanwhile, a short video.