Ninja Against Apex Legends, He Is Happy Not to Have Become a Professional Player


Ninja explained why he is happy not to have become a professional Apex Legends player after the recent ban he received.

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins explained why he is happy not to have become a professional player of Apex Legends while remaining connected to Fortnite. According to what he said, at one point he seriously thought of abandoning the game of Epic Games to devote himself completely to that of Respawn, but then he chose not to do it.

Ninja: ” I was really strong in Apex and if I stayed I would have become one of the best players. Anyway, I’m really happy to have stayed in Fortnite. The competitive scene of Apex is so small. So small. The amount of players is decent and I enjoy it to watch the games, but the dimensions are really reduced. “

The problems of Apex Legends compared to Fortnite are known. Colby’s recent escape from ‘dizzy’ Meadows did not help. However, it seems that Electronic Arts wants to try to recover with the Apex Legends Global Series in February 2020, in which it will be giving away prizes for 3 million dollars. We are confident that so much money will attract many professional players.