New World, Amazon’s First Big Game Is Shown in a Video Diary of the Developers


Let’s take another look at New World with the first video diary of the developers that reveals the ambitions of Amazon with its first big-screen videogame project.

New World returns to show itself in the first video diary of the developers who are carrying out the project, which is then the first big game produced by Amazon as a triple-A.

Set in an alternative version of the seventeenth century, New World is an open-world MMO focused on the island of Aeternum and surroundings, an area that gravitates around a powerful element called Azoth, the energy and economic base of the whole area.

The developers show in this video all the ambition that lies behind this first triple-A videogame project by Amazon, which has recently launched into the gaming industry as a producer but so far it has carried out projects of a rather small size.

New World instead presents itself as a large title, with a large world that can be explored and built with modern technologies, as well as being based on an MMO-style game structure, thus also demanding in terms of mechanics and online infrastructure.

Announced in the distant 2016, New World has also recently shown itself with a new trailer for the TGA 2019 and does not have a release date yet, even if the arrival is scheduled for May 2020 on PC.