Mario Kart Tour, the Multiplayer Beta Could Be Launched at Christmas


Apparently the Mario Kart Tour multiplayer beta could be launched at Christmas, at least according to a recent discovery in the game code.

According to the findings in the game code, the beta of the multiplayer of Mario Kart Tour could be launched on December 25, 2019. Yes, right in the daytime Christmas.

Reading the code was found the inscription: “the multiplayer beta test is going on now” with next the date of December 25, 2019. Nintendo has not announced anything about it, but at this point, we imagine that not much is missing to know if the discovery whether founded or not.

Mario Kart Tour is currently Nintendo’s most successful mobile in terms of absolute downloads. In addition to the highly criticized control system, another major problem of the game at launch was the lack of online multiplayer, a lack that should be filled just in these days. In short, for Christmas panettone, torrone and Mario Kart Tour with friends.

For the rest, we remind you that Mario Kart Tour is available for iOS and Android systems. It is a free-to-play racing game with microtransactions and an internal subscription system for exclusive content.