Final Fantasy 7 on PS4 Finally Fixed the Bug of the Music in Loop With the 1.02 Patch


After years of waiting, Square Enix finally released a patch for the PS4 version of Final Fantasy 7 that solves the bug of looped music.

After years of waiting, Square Enix released the coveted 1.02 patch of Final Fantasy 7 for PS4, which solves the infamous loop music bug. Considering that the game arrived on PlayStation Store on August 19, 2015, we can say that it was time.

Square Enix has never been too diligent in supporting its titles, not even those of great success (just look at NieR: Automata on PC ), but in some cases, the slowness with which it reacts to the demands of gamers is really pachydermic, net of the fact that Final Fantasy 7 was still playable from start to finish even with the aforementioned bug. Sure, over four years for a patch …

For the rest, patch 1.02 fixes the remaining problems of lag and stuttering, improves the stability of the game, fixes other unspecified bugs and revises the user interface.