Xbox Series X, Microsoft Confirms That the New Console Is Simply Called Xbox


Microsoft has confirmed that its new console will not be called Xbox Series X, which is a family of machines, but simply Xbox.

Xbox Series X is not the name of the new Microsoft console, which will simply be called Xbox. The clarification came from Microsoft itself which, through the voice of one represented, spoke to Business Insider.

Microsoft: ” The name we bring to the next generation is simply Xbox. And at the Game Awards, you saw that name come to life in the Xbox Series X. “

The next Xbox will simply be called Xbox, as the first model. Series X, therefore, indicates a family of machines, as confirmed by Microsoft itself: ” Similarly to what the fans saw with the previous generation, the name ‘Xbox Series X’ gives space to the arrival of other consoles in the future. “

In short, it seems that Microsoft wants to repeat the experience of Xbox One X also in the new generation. Evidently he considers it positive and has given the desired results. So let’s expect a more fluid generation for Xbox, with more machines launched on the market during its life cycle.