Windows 10 Allows You to Call Directly From Your PC


With the new update, Windows 10 now allows you to call directly from your PC, provided you associate the computer with a compatible Android phone.

Windows 10 users with compatible Android smartphones can now manage phone calls directly from the PC. Your Phone application is in fact out of the beta phase and can be downloaded from (almost) all after a few weeks of testing. The rollout is taking place gradually. However, if it is not now, it will be available in a few hours.

The function for making phone calls in Windows 10 was introduced in October 2019 and includes a number of really interesting features, such as the ability to switch a call from phone to computer in real-time.

Your Phone requires having Android 7.0 or higher installed. Note that the possibility of doing the same with iOS smartphones, by the way, the iPhone has not yet been released. Even Windows must be updated to a certain version to take advantage of it, ie you must have installed at least the May 2019 update.

In short, Windows 10 continues to update itself and improves more and more, even for non-purely recreational uses.