Sony Is Looking for an Executive to Take Care of Acquisitions


Sony is hiring new staff to take care of acquiring new development studios and more in the video game industry.

Sony has published a job announcement for a managerial position, more precisely from Head of Strategy and Market Intelligence, which will have to focus on strengthening a sector that manages, among other things, the acquisition of new internal studies.

According to the announcement, the Head of Strategy and Market Intelligence will have to collaborate in the global leadership of the Sony Worldwide Studios teams, as well as develop and implement action strategies, maintaining a global perspective on the industry as a whole. In addition, it will also need to take care of acquisitions. To specify that it is not said that we only talk about video game development teams (they could also be acquisitions of technologies or hardware solutions).

For the rest, we do not yet know who will play this role and what it will involve for SIE. The only certainty is that Sony aims to expand further in view of the arrival of the PS5 market. Who knows what studies he has aimed at and which negotiations are underway.