Pokémon GO: Gible Shiny Available as a Surprise, How to Get It


This night the developers of Niantic Labs released the color version of Gible, surprisingly, on Pokémon GO: the details.

During the night the developers of Niantic Labs decided to surprise all players of Pokémon GO, the mobile title developed and published for free on Android and iOS devices. The surprise in question is Gible Shiny, now available to everyone without limitations.

The color version of Gible was expected for one of Pokémon GO’s Community Days next year, or for a special limited-time themed event. Instead, at the time of writing, it is already available: to get Gible Shinyit will be necessary to look for the specimen in the wild or to hatch the 10KM eggs. In both cases, however, you will need a massive dose of luck, since the shiny rate is not currently increased.

Gible Shiny joins many other stimuli to resume playing with Pokémon GO, these days: this evening in Italy Virizion will debut in the Level Five Legendary Raids, and in general, the many events of December 2019 are about to begin.