Has Square Enix Registered the NieR Brand in Japan, an Upcoming Announcement?


Square Enix has registered the NieR brand in Japan, perhaps a possible announcement coming in the near future.

Square Enix has registered the NieR Brand in Japan. He is probably about to announce something related to the Yoko Taro series, but it is currently not possible to say for sure. Moreover, it is known that Taro is working on a new project since the launch of NieR: Automata, so sooner or later he will have to reveal it. Square Enix requested registration of the NieR trademark on November 29, 2019, but the application has become public knowledge today. Unfortunately, there is no other information to report, but the events of recent days make it clear that something behind the scenes is moving. At the beginning of the month, the site of the tenth anniversary of the NieR series was opened. Currently, it contains only links to the various chapters and a chronology, but it is evident that it hides more than what is seen.

Hard to say if a new chapter of the series is in the works, the remake of the first NieR or maybe a collection with also the Drakengard (the NieR series is born from one of the finals of the first Drakengard, called briefly). We’ll see.