Gothic Remake: Piranha Bytes Clarifies Its Position and Talks About a New RPG


The team authoring the original, Piranha Bytes, clarifies his involvement in the Gothic Remake project, claiming he is not working on that title but on a new RPG.

In the aftermath of the appearance of a Gothic Remake, still in the planning stage but already with a teaser, the team authoring the original, Piranha Bytes, clarified his involvement in the development, also talking about his new RPG in progress.

The presentation of a Playable Teaser on Steam for the potential remake of Gothic makes the issue very real: THQ Nordic is seriously considering the development of a game intended to revive the famous RPG series, but it seems that the authors of the original do not are directly involved in the matter.

Speaking on their Facebook page, the Piranha Bytes have in fact clearly reported that they are working on a completely new RPG game, which has already been in development for a couple of years, with an official announcement scheduled for 2020.

Apparently, the remake of Gothic is developed by THQ Nordic in the detachment of Barcelona, ​​obviously with full support from Piranha, in the sense that it is a project approved by the authors and on which they could still intervene for possible aid, but the whole team is currently focused on the new RPG to be presented in 2020.

In the meantime, if you are interested in the Gothic remake we recommend downloading the playable teaser since the future of the project depends on the feedback on this.