Children of Morta Expands, Lots of Free Content Coming, Plus a Paid One


The success of Children of Morta has allowed the development team to plan its expansion, with free content and a paid DLC.

Dead Mage announced that in 2020 it will expand the Children of Morta roguelike action with six free content, released through updates, and a paid DLC. I also published the roadmap that reveals what to expect.

We start with Shrine of Challenge, which will introduce the Hard difficulty and twenty new objects, so it will be the turn of Setting Sun Inn which will add the New Game + mode, unlocked after the completion of the game. The third update will contain random meetings, probably in a specific way. With the fourth update, the Bergson’s will have a new member, read: a new playable character. The online co-op mode will come with the fifth update, called Temple of the Endless. The sixth update will basically be a large item pack. The seventh, finally, the only fee, will be called The Uncharted Lands and will represent a completely new adventure for the Bergson family, with new quests, new enemies and a new boss.

The various updates still do not have publication dates.