Apex Legends, Third-Person View Coming?


Based on some files emerging from data mining, there is the possibility that the third-person view is officially introduced as an option in Apex Legends.

On the basis of an alleged leak, it seems that Apex Legends may soon receive the addition of a second third-person view from behind its character, according to some indications that at the moment are still rather vague.

Apex Legends is a shooter in a subjective battle royale style and in this it clearly stands out from the competitors in the same field, having a more typical FPS approach than Fortnite or PUBG. However, the latter arises in an intermediate situation considering that it is possible to use both the subjective and the third person and a solution of this kind could also arrive in Apex Legends.

The first time we talked about a third-person view in Apex Legends concerned the discovery of an easter egg that allows, through a series of steps, to apply this model to the game, even if not supported as an official option.

In the past few hours, the That1MiningGuy dataminer has discovered some possible references to the third-person mode in the Apex Legends code, even if these are still very vague indications. It seems to have emerged options for out-in / opt-out playlists that according to the user in question could refer to first or third person playlists, as well as various changes to the effects in the third person and changes to the environmental ones that could be part of a change of frame.

Also, the possibility of changing skins or putting it randomly in the character selection screen could have to do with a variation of the genre, but obviously we await clarifications from Respawn Entertainment.