Twitch: Tfue Is Personally Offended That Fortnite Fixes His Favorite Exploit


The streamer gymnast “Tfue” Tenney is number 1 on Twitch and known for his Fortnite skills. But after the new update in Fortnite, he got upset. Because Epic had fixed his favorite loophole in Slurpy Swamp with the patch: The shield exploit in Fortnite no longer works.

That’s the background: Shield potions have been around in Fortnite for ages. In Chapter 2, Fortnite now showed where this shield potion is made: in the landing zone “Slurpy Swamp.”

There is a factory here that extracts and produces the shield potions from a “shield flow”. There are also large “Slurp” tank trucks with the shield potion near the factory.

Whoever destroys the vice receives shield points. This is why Slurpy Swamp is such a popular landing site.

Exploit saved seconds for the lightning start

This is the shield exploit: If you want to use a pickaxe to tear down the tankers in Fortnite, it takes a few hits and takes a while. However, it was possible to build a structure under the trucks, which destroyed them and gave the player the full number of shields with less effort.

For professionals like Tfue, such a trick brings a few seconds ahead to quickly start a match with 100 shield energy.


This is how Tfue reacts: In a match after the latest patch in Fortnite, Tfue lands at the start of a round on just such a truck, quickly chops down a tree for materials and places pyramids under the truck. But they no longer destroy the truck: the trick has been fixed. So Tfue has to spend the valuable seconds to “regularly” destroy the truck in Fortnite.

Tfue reacts, as usual, to hold back:

“Epic, are you kidding me? Lick my ass. It’s like you saw my stream … So seriously, why are you doing this? “


Tfue is upset that an Epic employee has specifically spent time making this trick impossible. And that was paid for. Tfue seems to feel this as a personal affront to him.

“That was his priority. But why? Did it really affect the game? “

Tfue is annoyed that he has to hit the truck again for “30 minutes”. In the clip, the destruction of the truck takes 5 seconds, 7 strokes with the pickaxe were necessary.