Fortnite: Bash and Zero in the Shop of December 16, 2019


The new Fortnite store Chapter 2 has arrived: here are all the contents, prices and details of today 16 December 2019, directly from the developers of Epic Games.

The new shop of Fortnite Chapter 2 is available: it does not introduce today December 16, 2019, new costumes themed Christmas 2019, but there are still unpublished items that are definitely worth keeping an eye on. So are you ready for all the details, contents and prices from Epic Games?

First of all, in today’s Fortnite Battle Royale store, December 16, 2019, you will find Bash, an epic costume offered at the price of 1500 V-buck (about 15 euros per change). Bash is the corrupt unicorn that was supposed to make its debut a long time ago, perhaps within the exclusive annual Battle Pass of 2020, of which nothing was ever done. Zero also available again, Legendary Skin from 2000 V-buck, as much as 20 euros per change. The ballets in evidence today are Sasso Carta Forbici, Billy Rimbalzello, and Electro Swing.

Below we present all the contents of the Fortnite store today 16 December 2019. We remind you that the challenges of Star Wars await you to be completed on Fortnite Royal Battle, but only for a limited time.

  • Milite Burner (Costume) – 1500 V-buck
  • Zero (Costume) – 2000 V-buck
  • Bash (Costume) – 1500 V-buck
  • Field surgeon (Costume) – 1500 V-buck
  • Semprecentro (Costume) – 800 V-buck
  • Sasso Carta Scissors (Emote) – 200 V-buck
  • Paper airplane (Hang-glider) – 500 V-buck
  • Billy Rimbalzello (Emote) – 500 V-buck
  • Electro Swing (Emote) – 500 V-buck