Fortnite Locations: How and Where to Get First-Order Blaster Rifle and Find First-Order Assault Soldiers


Here we show you how and where to find the first-order Fortnite blaster rifle along with the first-order assault soldiers.

The Fortnite Star Wars event is over and now there are five organized challenges for players to complete. Upon completing stages 1, 2 and 3 of the challenges, players will receive free Star Wars cosmetic rewards.

There are a total of three different rewards to get: the Star Wars banner, First Order Back Bling, and the Jedi Training Emote.

One of the challenges is the elimination of the first-order Stormtrooper with a lightsaber, while another challenge requires players to damage opponents or first-order Stormtroopers with a first-order blaster rifle. We have covered the places where to find first-order assault soldiers along with the first-order blaster rifle.

Where to find Fortnite first-order assault soldiers

It’s quite easy for the first first-order assault soldiers in Fortnite. Simply head to one of the TIE Fighter crash sites and you will find plenty of top-notch Stormtroopers there to harm or eliminate it.

Here are the locations of the accident sites where you will find first-order Stormtroopers:

If someone has already destroyed the first-order assault soldiers and raised the banner to capture the location, the new assault soldiers will not appear there during the game.

Where to find and get a Fortnite First Order Blaster Rifles

Eliminate a first-order assault soldier and they will drop a first-order blaster rifle. Check the map above to see where you can find the Stormtroopers.

Players can only find and obtain a first-order blaster rifle by removing a first-order assault soldier and taking the weapon from the floor. The blaster rifle deals 30 damage and has infinite ammo. However, the blaster has a slow firing speed to balance the weapon.