Pokémon Sword and Shield Recorded the Best Month in the History of the Franchise in the USA


Pokémon Sword and Shield have surpassed the previous record obtained by Pokémon Sun and Moon on the US market, according to data provided by NPD Group.

The analyst Mat Piscatella the NPD Group indicates that Pokémon Sword and Shield recorded their best month ever for the franchise in terms of sales in the US market. The previous record belonged to Pokémon Sun and Moon.

Pokémon Sword was the third best-selling game of the month, while the Double Pack placed fourth and Pokémon Shield on the fifth box. The first two places are occupied by Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

“This review of Pokémon Sword and Scudo is very long, we know, but we hope it serves to better explain a simple concept to you: we liked the new Game Freak game, we enjoyed it for forty hours, but he didn’t entertain us as much as we had hoped for,

although embellished by new perspectives for a franchise that seems to have said it all for years, the new Game Freak effort has given up too much content which ultimately makes it one of the most incomplete Pokémon to inaugurate a new generation We have seen a hasty development that has sacrificed the wealth of contents to which the best exponents of the series had accustomed us, voting Spada and Scudo to the freer and more complete customization of the pocket monsters.

The coming weeks will reveal the impact of this decision on the competitive scene; in the meantime, a bitter taste remains for what Pokémon could have been in this first incarnation for Nintendo Switch.”