Fortnite: Annual Battle Pass of 2020, Epic Games Has Changed Its Mind


Epic Games was due to release a Fortnite Special Battle Pass for 2020, but changed its mind: the hypothesis was discarded, here are the details.

In the last 24 hours, the developers of Epic Games have published the Update 11.30 of Fortnite Chapter 2 on all the main game consoles, on PC and on Android and iOS mobile devices. The dataminer immediately found references to a Special Battle Pass for 2020, which would have included all the annual contents. But apparently this idea will never come true.

Epic Games very simply changed its mind during the work, clarifying the situation with an official Fortnite themed statement Chapter 2. “We have seen various annual Battle Pass themed discussions of 2020, a result of the update of the 11.30 Update. Sometimes prototypes of new features end up in updates, but never being released. We actually considered an annual Battle Pass, but we have no plans to release it. Unlike the Bao Bros “.

The latter is very nice news: Fortnite Chapter 2 players have been waiting for the arrival of the Bao Bros, very special cosmetic costumes designed for the culinary world, for about six months now. apparently, they will debut on Battle Royale, probably at the price of 1500 V-buck, around 15 euros at the exchange rate, but if you’re wondering when you can buy a new Battle Pass for a fee, almost certainly the right answer is: “from the first days of February 2020”.