Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Announced With a Trailer


Here is the trailer with which Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance was announced at The Game Awards 2019.

On the occasion of the awards ceremony for 2019 The Game Awards, broadcast tonight, Turque Games and Wizards of the Coast announced Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance with the first official trailer.

As explained by lead game designer Kevin Neibert, the title is inspired by Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and will offer the chance to face the game in cooperative mode.

“We love playing cooperative titles,” Neibert commented on Polygon’s microphones. “One thing that really connected me to Dark Alliance – Dark Alliance 1 and 2 – was the chance to play on the couch with friends. The accessibility of the D & D rules

“We want players who don’t know they are D&D fans to play our game and realize they are,” he continued. “It’s about involving people and convincing users who like action games and role-playing games to experience our title.”

Dark Alliance will be released both on consoles and on PC in the autumn of 2020. At this address, you can find the list of all the prizes awarded at The Game Awards 2019.