Two Point Hospital, Release Date on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch [Updated]


Published on PC in August, Two Point Hospital finally has a release date on PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, revealed by SEGA with a trailer.

Two Point Hospital finally has a release date on PS4Xbox One and Nintendo Switch: the game will be available starting February 25th, 2020, as the trailer reveals.

SEGA has also confirmed that the title will land on Xbox Game Pass from day one, so it can be downloaded for free by subscribers to the Microsoft service.

Published last August on PCTwo Point Hospital will see us create the best possible hospital in Two Point County.

Optimize the structure to increase the flow of patients (and money) by arranging corridors, rooms and waiting areas as you prefer. Add buildings to your hospital to accommodate as many patients as possible.

Arrange decorative and functional elements throughout the structure to improve their prestige, entertain patients, increase happiness and win year-end awards.