PUBG, Blood in Quantity With the 5.3 Update: Here Are the Details


The PUBG developers have released the 5.3 updates on the PC version test servers, and among the new features, there is a new system related to the appearance of blood.

PUBG has received the 5.3 updates on the PC test server, and among the updates of the update stands out a new blood representation system, much more abundant than in the past.

The new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds feature produces a different visual effect if you center an enemy on your head or neck, shedding blood on nearby walls and floors. Not only: bloodstains will also appear on the body of the character to indicate where it was hit.

The update, coming to PC next week and following on PS4 and Xbox One, also includes the ability to upload your own settings to the cloud, so as to make a convenient backup to be recalled if necessary: ​​the information stored only excludes the graphic settings and the inventory display options.

Also with the 5.3 updates, the new cash register system and keys were introduced, which should have been available for a few days.