Pokémon GO: New Items for Companion Pokémon Discovered by Dataminer


Pokémon GO dataminers have discovered new objects and new features related to Companion Pokémon: let’s see what it is and when it will arrive.

Several months ago the developers of Niantic Labs announced the arrival of new objects and features linked to an unpublished game mechanic of Pokémon GO: that of the Companion Pokémon. The latter will only be introduced in 2020, but something is starting to move: this is what a mobile dataminer has discovered in the past few hours.

The Charles leaker is the only one capable of discovering new objects and new features in the Pokémon GO game code: in the past few hours, it has found images that would clearly refer to Companion Pokémon. These are unpublished berries, of souvenirs and “emote”, the latter will probably be used by the pocket monsters to communicate their mood to their coach. There is no release date for all these items and clearer details about their use are missing, but it is not absurd to assume the launch of the new features of the Companion Pokémon for the first few months of 2020.

With Companion Pokémon, Niantic Labs aims to make more interesting interaction between coach and Pokémon, also taking advantage of the AR technology in the surrounding world. More details will arrive in the coming weeks: we will keep you updated. Here are the images.