Fortnite: Update 11.30, All New Skins Discovered by Dataminer


Fortnite Battle Royale dataminer and leaker have already found in the game files a lot of new costumes coming with Update 11.30: let’s see them together.

Christmas 2019: time for gifts, parties and new skins on Fortnite Chapter 2. In fact, they have been found just in these hours, from the dataminer and leaker of Fortnite Battle Royale, inside the Update 11.30, now available on all game consoles, on PC and on Android and iOS mobile devices.

The new Skin of Fortnite Chapter 2 has been introduced into the game files with the Update 11:30, but then arrive at the disposal of little players at a time, and above all for a fee. We note the presence of costumes that will be sold in the game store, others in specific packages and then additional styles for characters already present in the Epic Games Battle Royale.

Below we present all the new Skins of Fortnite 11.30 Update Chapter 2: a couple of costumes have been entered by dataminer by mistake, but all the others are brand new. Also note the presence of new styles for Crackshot, as well as for magicians.