Fallout 76, New Bug: The Armor Breaks When the Weapon Is Reloaded


The latest update of Fallout 76 seems to have caused a bizarre bug to appear: the character’s armor breaks when we reload the weapon.

Fallout 76 has not had an easy life, and it seems that the troubles are not over yet: with the last update, the game has started to suffer from a bizarre bug: the armor breaks when the weapon is reloaded.

The new glitch of Fallout 76 is shown in the video at the bottom: the top of the armature 519 are values of resistance to damage, energy strength of 343 and 25 for resistance to radiation.

After firing a few shots and reloading the weapon, the values ​​change to 414, 238 and 25, respectively. The conditions of the various parts of the armor remain the same, but the general resistance decreases substantially.

Some users say they didn’t find the bug, others say it only impacts certain parts of the armor. Bethesda, however, is investigating the situation to resolve the problem quickly.