Epic Games Finally Launches Fortnite on the Google Play Store?


Epic Games has indeed launched the game Fortnite for Android devices. But, this game can only be downloaded on the Epic Games site and is not available on the Google Play Store.

Well, a year after the launch of Fortnite on Android, Epic Games reportedly decided to launch the game on the Google Play Store, reported by 9to5Google.

Of course from this decision, Epic Games must share profits with Google.

According to sources close to Epic Games, plans to send Fortnite to the Google Play Store are accompanied by requirements. Namely, Epic Games must use their own payment method in purchasing in-game items.

So, all the makers of V-Bucks – money in Fortnite -, then Epic Games get 100 percent revenue and not get a discount from Google as much as 30 percent.

Previously, the reason Fortnite was not in the Google app store was that it was related to Google’s policy, where all applications released through the Play Store had to give up 30 percent of their revenue to Google, from the purchase of the application directly or micro-transactions in the game (in-game) transaction).

Epic Game CEO Tim Sweeney said there were two reasons why the Android version of Fortnite was not included in the Google app store.

First, it wants to maintain a direct relationship with consumers, as happened with the PC version of Fortnite which was released with its own launcher without using Steam.

“Epic Game wants to have a direct relationship with customers on all platforms,” ​​said Sweeney.

The second reason, Epic Game does not want to pay a 30 percent discount in revenue to Google.

“The 30 percent tax is a high cost. While developers only get 70 percent to cover all the costs of developing, operating, and supporting games, “he said.