PUBG Continues Testing Formulas to End the Camperos (and It Seems That in Its Last Attempt It Has Hit the Spot)


Retouching a formula that apparently works is not easy and by the way, you can end up breaking what makes it interesting. Despite this, PUBG is still committed to, in some way, curbing the Camperos of its Battle Royale

Although it is not a game that especially favors that style of play, or at least not as much as other competitive ones such as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, it seems that players who settle in the center of the circle are a problem for the rhythm of the game. game. 

In one of their latest tests, they have found a strategy that could be useful. A second inner circle that would force out of the comfort zone and prevents players from accommodating in the next safe zone. In this way the remaining ring would accommodate all players, favoring more matches. 

Last week they tested the idea on internal servers and it is unknown when or how it will reach the final version – if it finally does. Reinventing the wheel is not easy, but it is appreciated that they do not accommodate and continue trying to twist the concept.