New Leaks Reveal the Arrival of the Grip, Folding Shield and More at PUBG Mobile


New leaks indicate the arrival of new features to the mobile version of PUBG, a third and first-person game where all kinds of the fighting take place. Also among the new features is the drop-down shield, character skills and grab hook as new content for the game.

The clues or leaks were presented through a video posted on YouTube, in which the aforementioned functions and their mechanisms at play can be evidenced. Currently, the tests of these three new functions are being developed in China, so it is concluded that the new content may arrive before the end of the year or by 2020.

As for the aforementioned items, the grip hook is perhaps one of the most anticipated and strong elements of the aforementioned set. Since the hook is supposed to be a tool to reach the highest places of a building or simply make an escape with the weapon.

On the other hand, there is a drop-down shield that has similar characteristics to the Call of Duty: Mobile shield in its Battle Royal section. In addition, there is a new method to revive any of your classmates who are down and a new loot box skill is also added.

However, the new functions are in a test stage which could lead to modifications or elimination of any of the known skills.

It is not clear if all this could be reaching the global version of PUBG Mobile or just about tests for content that could be added in the future. However, it is recommended to keep an eye out for any upcoming information published on these new PUBG Mobile skills.