Sony President Fires! The PS5’s Haptic Controller Will Be a Great “Evolution” in the Gaming Experience.


“I am very surprised with the feeling of playing that game. Is very different from using DualShock 4. “

Jim Ryan, president, and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment An interview with Famitsu officials revealed that the PlayStation 5 controller using Haptic Feedback technology and game graphics. Next-Generation The adaptation of the PlayStation 4 will provide a ” great evolution ” game experience for everyone, he said.

When trying out the (trial version of the PlayStation 5 controller) for the Gran Turismo Sport game, I was very surprised by the feeling of playing that game. Is significantly different from using DualShock 4

This is definitely a good feature, and of course, with the improved graphics from the PS4, I think you will feel a great evolution for the gaming experience.

– Jim Ryan 

While the PlayStation 5 controller body has not been officially revealed, Sony confirmed that the new controller for the PS5 will use the Haptic Feedback vibration motor to replace the Rumble system, which will make the shaking experienced during the game different from the DualShock models. Before, especially with the genre of racing games or various sports games

Of course, the PlayStation 5 controller information will be revealed along with the launch of the PS5 in the summer of 2020. Until then, if there is interesting PS5 information, GamingDose will continue to report updates.