Breakneck Cinema in Fortnite Has Been Reset to Its Original Appearance


Probably because of the upcoming cooperation or some error, Breakneck Cinema looks normal again.

Breakneck Cinema has changed a lot in recent weeks. Yesterday, however, for some unexplained reason, the spot returned to its original appearance.

All the cars came back and everything looks as if nothing happened.

Resetted Breakneck Cinema

We would like to remind you that the seat changed quite a bit. Cars were exported and other elements heavily rearranged. The changes were to have three stages.

Most players think this is because of the upcoming collaboration. Others say this is a mistake. In the end, Epic prepared Breakneck just for the movie event.

You still need to watch this location closely. Maybe in a few hours, it will change again and then everything will become clear. At the moment it is difficult to say what is going on here and for what reason, we have seen the normal version of the Cinema from yesterday.