Bee Simulator, a Video Game to Raise Awareness of the Fate of Bees


INITIATIVE- The video game Bee Simulator allows you to put yourself in the place of a bee, whose populations are threatened by our way of life.

With Bee Simulator, you look like a bee in Central Park. And your mission is to save its natural habitat, which is threatened by human beings. The New York park tree where your hive is located is about to be cut. Your mission: find a new place to settle, while continuing your duty, which is to go in search of flowers to collect pollen.

The game, developed by Varsav Game Studio and published by Big Ben, French distribution company, is interesting, and not least: we have fun, and we learn. Bee Simulator raises awareness about the fate of bees, threatened by human activities, the destruction of their habitats and the decline of floral diversity.

In addition, the massive use of pesticides disrupts and weakens these insects, which play a crucial role in pollination. This prevents them, for example, from finding their hive, as Antoine Rochard explains, from the Good Planet Foundation (see the video below).

A partnership with the Good Planet Foundation

The ecologist structure and the publisher have signed a partnership and, for each purchase, a euro is donated to the foundation, created by photographer and filmmaker Yann Arthus-Bertrand. This finances projects aimed at protecting fauna and flora.

Through the game, Bee Simulator brings us information on biodiversity and especially what we can do to limit the damage and protect these populations of bees, the vast majority live alone (there are nearly 1000 varieties in the Hexagon).

The game is available on consoles (PS4, XboxOne, Switch) and on a computer, and in several languages.