PS5 Pro Is Already in Sony’s Programs


In an interview granted over the 25 years of PlayStation, Masayasu Ito, Executive VP of Hardware Engineering and Operation at Sony Interactive Entertainment, has hinted that PS5 Pro would already be in the thoughts of the company.

“In the past, the cycle of a new platform was between 7 and 10 years but looking at the development and evolution of very fast technology is actually a cycle of six or seven years,” he acknowledged.

“Then we cannot fully keep pace with the rapid development of technology, so our thinking is that when we reason on a platform like PS5 the cycle will be six or seven years, perhaps,” he added.

“But doing so the life cycle of a platform we should be able to change the hardware itself and try to incorporate advances in technology. This is our reasoning, and the test case of this reasoning was PS4 Pro that we launched in the middle of the cycle vital launch of PS4 “.

A significant opening to the encore of the PS4 Pro operation, therefore, for the PlayStation 5 generation that will officially start by the end of 2020.