Fortnite Challenge: Find the XP Pack Hidden on the Loading Screen the Birth of Chaos

All the letters forming the word “Fortnite” are now available, so now it’s time for the XP pack, which works a bit like stars from previous seasons. If you have completed at least eight challenges from the Birth of Chaos pack, you can take on this task.

On the loading screen, we can see a character staring at the monitors. On the screen in the center, you can see the PD packet, hidden behind the memorable purple cube from the fifth season.

XP has hidden on the loading screen Birth of Chaos in Fortnite – a map to challenge

The purple cube statue is located in the southwestern part of the Dusting Chimneys, i.e. the location on the northeastern edge of the map. This is where you must go. The location is marked on the map below:

When you are in the right place, XP will appear above the ground, just behind the cube. Interact with the package to complete the challenge.

XP will not appear in the aforementioned place if you have not yet unlocked the Birth of Chaos loading screen and you have not completed the corresponding missions of the current week.