Details Revealed of Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC


During the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra – World the Three concert on Saturday (30), news was revealed about the new Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC. After the presentation, several participants shared on social media what is to come in the game.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Re: Mind will expand the story set in the main game by adding unpublished scenes to the game. The players also have the opportunity to meet new bosses and use Keyblades exclusive Sora: Oathkeeper and Oblivion, two weapons that are not in the first game.

As for the new update, game director Nomura has stated in the past that KH 3 would receive premium DLC and free upgrades. The update will feature three new in-game features: data creation, slideshows, and premium menu.

Data creation will change the way photos work in the game. With the new feature, players will be able to place their characters as they wish by adding objects or effects.

The slide show feature will basically function as data creation. Players will be able to set their photos to play in a slideshow (as the name implies) and can choose their background music.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.