Fortnite: Find the Back Accessory on the Chaos Awakening Screen Wearing Sorana Outfit

Epic Games

Finding the hidden back accessory on the Chaos Awakening loading screen by wearing the Sorana outfit is one of the latest challenges of the Alter Ego mission.

This challenge marks the end of the great Alter Ego event mission . to access it, you must first have completed all the proposed standard missions and collected all the letters making up the word “Fortnite”.

Once dressed in the legendary Sorana outfit that ends the Alter Ego challenge, you’ll need to get your hands on the hidden back prop, found north of Steamy Stacks.

The map

Epic Games

The satchel rests against one of the big rocks of the creek. You will notice it very easily and it is the same colors as your Sorana skin.

Epic Games

Once again, we recommend the Rat Race mode to accomplish this challenge. This one will allow you not to meet upon landing too aggressive enemies.