Tencent Games Change the Corporate Iconic Logo to Be More Minimalist

Tencent Games

Who doesn’t know Tencent Games? The famous game developer and publisher from China is a developer of games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty: Mobile, and many more.

Of course, the Tencent Games logo bearing the letter ‘G’ in green, orange, and blue has been very often seen by mobile gamers when opening the game he made.

photo / Tencent Games

But recently Tencent Games is known to have officially changed the company’s logo. This is known from the profile photo Twitter account @TencentGames which currently displays a new logo with the words Tencent Games.

The new Tencent Games logo looks more minimalist and also modern with colors that look not too flashy. The logo is known to be a combination of the letter ‘T’ with the ‘X’ symbol which is overwritten into one.

Of course, this shows that Tencent Games now wants to become a bigger video game company. It was recently discovered that Tencent Games will try to work with Nintendo to develop a game console.