The Most Powerful Update for the Game Pubg Mobile November 2019


Pubg Mobile is one of the most popular games in the Arab world, not only in the Arab world but also in the world, after the number of downloads in the game Pubg Mobile to hundreds of millions around the world.

In this report from the BBC NEWS website, we offer you special coverage of the game of the new Pubg Mobile Pubg Mobile November 2019, in addition to the talk about the most important and major developments and changes that have taken place in the new game Bbgi Mobile.

Update the new game Pubg Mobile 2019

All players can now get the best update to the new game by accessing the various online stores, especially Google Play and Apple Store, in order to get the new features that appeared in the update of the game Ppgi Mobile 2019.

Pubg Mobile

According to official reports close to the developer of the game Bbgi Mobile, that the new update has witnessed some noticeable changes, including:

  • Added new improvements to visual and sound effects for stores and more.
  • Add new weapons including revolver MP5K and the car Zima.
  • Improved user interface and new update alert on Android or iOS systems.
  • Develop a powerful developer program to eliminate hackers.
  • Detect and prohibit fraud.
  • Added a number of new maps that are a powerful catalyst in advancing the game (Team Deathmatch and TDM or Ruins that help detect hidden mysterious effects).
  • Unlock a mysterious new character and provide a new program for rewards and gifts.