Fortnite Has Never Run So Smoothly

Anyone with a Windows 10 PC can activate the option according to Microsoft.

Since the last update, the Battle Royale shooter supports the latest version of Microsoft DirectX. We’ll explain what that brings.

The PC version of Fortnite currently requires a graphics card that is compatible with Microsoft DirectX 11. In V.11.20, however, players will be given the opportunity to play the PC version with the Microsoft DirectX 12 graphics interface. This brings with it numerous improvements. To use Microsoft DirectX 12, the option must first be activated in the advanced graphics settings. Anyone with a Windows 10 PC can activate the option according to Microsoft.

What is DirectX 12?

It’s the latest generation of game programming interfaces and other complex graphics calculations. Among other things, DirectX is used to display 2D and 3D content. Instead of having to individually adapt games to all graphics cards available on the market, developers can easily stick to the specifications of DirectX provider Microsoft.

What’s in “Fortnite”?

Although DirectX 12 was already introduced in 2014, more and more game developers are tuning their games to DX12. So now Epic Games with “Fortnite”. With DX12, PC gamers with high-end graphics cards can potentially achieve a higher, more stable frame rate. This is because DX12 helps CPU performance and allows the distribution of rendering processes across multiple cores.

Who benefits from it?

While DX12 can improve the overall average frame rate, the key benefit of DX12 is its performance boost in the game when you need it most as a player. Namely in the so-called “Late” or “Endgame”: During this heated fight, the number of objects on the screen can skyrocket, which places additional demands on the CPU. In the heat of the battle, according to Microsoft, you get up to ten percent higher frame rates.