This is how Nintendo’s first physical store in Japan looks

Nintendo's store will be only its second in the world, having already opened one in New York

Nintendo opened its first physical store in Tokyo (Japan) where attendees can buy bags, shirts, and cups of the main characters of their famous video games.

In the establishment, you can not only find merchandising of the most popular franchises but also exclusive articles of The Legend of Zelda and Animal Crossing sagas such as tea sets, cushions, notebooks, glasses, pens and more.

Another of the ads that caught the attention of the fans of the Japanese company was the exclusive collaboration with Pokémon, which will allow to find crossover products between the saga of Game Freak and Super Mario.

This is the first official ** Nintendo ** store in Japan. Although the company is headquartered in this country, it will be the first official in Japanese lands. 

Since 2005, the brand has a store in New York, at the Rockefeller Center. The second Nintendo Store opened in June of this year in Tel Aviv, Israel.