Redesigned Fortnite Main Screen


Holidays are getting closer and therefore more and more proposals are appearing for a possible Fortnite look.

This time the Reddit user with the vandtex nickname proposes to change the main lobby of the game. It’s not just about introducing a festive atmosphere, but also about modernizing the interface.

It looks really interesting and although Epic Games probably won’t go this path, it’s nice to see such a good proposition.

Christmas menu

In the background, we have a decorated Christmas tree and many changed elements. Also, choosing the mode itself seems to be a bit more modern.

The studio often changes the menu and the entire interface, adapting them to the latest standards. It is possible that they will take some inspiration from vandtex the next time the main lobby is redesigned.

However, this is an element that does not need to be changed. This is not something that will revive Fortnite a bit. We are currently waiting for a new update that will not appear today. It’s possible tomorrow or Thursday.