Patch 9.24 Teamfight Tactics, What News Will Be Waiting for Us?


It is almost a month until update 9.24, but we know what new products will appear.

TFT is growing very quickly, Riot Games is trying to introduce a lot of news, what will we get in almost a month?

Patch 9.24

Risers believe that the current state of the new TFT is very good. There will be some small changes in update 9.23, but many new features will come in 9.24. We will be able to test everything at PBE next week.

According to one employee, update 9.24 will be one of the most important (for TFT) this year! New units will be introduced to round out the list and some new classes. This season, which will start next week, Riot Games is cautiously taking steps. They try to finish everything up and check it carefully before adding it to official servers.