New Operation in CS: GO With New Maps, Skins and Krieg Nerf


Valve introduced a new operation called Operation Shattered Web to Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

Many CS: GO players doubted that this would happen someday, however. Valve after a few months announced a new update, which has already hit the game servers.

The operation is called Operation Shattered Web and brings many new things to Counter Strike. Of course, including cosmetic items, missions and new maps.

Operation Shattered Web

As part of the operation, a special pass is available for purchase, giving access to all new functions. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to unlock more missions, earn stars that raise the level of the operation token and, as a result, receive a special badge.

All this is sprinkled with new character skins that can now be assigned to the map and weapon skins.

Shattered Web Case

CS:GO Shattered Web Case skins

The Norse Collection

CS:GO The Norse Collection

The St. Marc Collection

The St. Marc Collection

The Canals Collection

The St. Marc Collection

Grafitti and stickers

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In addition, a large balancing patch has also entered CS: GO. Ultimately, the weapon was nerfed, which everyone complained about. In line with community proposals, the SG553 price has been increased to $ 3,000. Now Famas and Galil are cheaper by $ 200.

Players can also play on new maps. In total, the operation offers three places. The most interesting of them transports us to space with reduced gravity.