Faker Ashamed of His Play. Maybe He Takes an Unnecessary Break From Mid?


Faker’s play shows that sometimes even the best players make basic mistakes.

Faker is definitely one of the greatest stars of League of Legends. Repeatedly described as the best player in the world, it shows that everyone sometimes has a weaker moment and can make a mistake.

After Worlds 2019, Faker sometimes takes a break from mid. In one of his last matches, he chose support and scored a bad slip-up.

Faker on Alistar

Faker is known for his amazing moves, a compilation with brilliant reflexes and mechanics. Meanwhile, his fatal play Alistar gets more and more views.

What is it actually about? The player pushed the opponent away, which was an easy goal for the team. You’ll see the whole action below:

And this is not something that will be reminded during any worse action. However, it shows that everyone can have a weaker moment. It’s very positive because we’re ultimately just human. Some may fight for the highest goals like winning Worlds, others struggle to quit gold. Sometimes, however, there are situations that connect these two worlds.

Faker stays at SKT

Contrary to earlier rumors, Faker signed a contract with SKT yesterday until 2021. However, the player is undergoing compulsory military service and it is probably she who will decide when in fact the League of Legends star will have to leave the team for a while.