Another Member of the Shimada Clan Will Appear in Overwatch? This Is Indicated by Jeff Kaplan


The Shimada clan is an extremely interesting thread and it looks like it will be developed in the future.

We know a lot about the Shimada clan, but this is one of the threads that has been told to some point and cut off. A lot of people are waiting for it to develop and as the words of Jeff Kaplan indicate, they can finally wait.

A taste appeared in the interview with Jeff Kaplan, which may indicate not only the development of the thread but also the disclosure of another member of the clan.

A new member of the Shimada clan

Jeff Kaplan recently gave an interview in which there is a huge amount of smaller information. We’ve put it all in one place, while individual posts enjoy far more attention.

Hence this time about a clan who is looking forward to introducing another person. GameInformer journalist asked Jeff if any of the members of the Hanzo and Genji family had ever considered owning a gun.

More than whether they used weapons or not, I would wonder who the other members of this family are.

Jeff Kaplan often gives such small hints and of course, they can be treated as announcements. This is not sure, but Jeff’s expression suggests that there is something in fact.

We will wait a little while to resolve this matter. The new hero did not appear shortly after BlizzCon, i.e. Blizzard in some way broke with his tradition. Now it is completely unknown what to expect.