The Perfect Way to Troll Someone in Fortnite


Fortnite players often have weird ideas. This time it’s about perfect trolling your opponent.

Trolling is an art that is definitely worth knowing. If we do not play only for the results and sometimes like to play with opponents, we must know it.

It’s about a situation where we put our structures underground. Well, not really underground, because it’s actually under a bridge.

Spectrum structures

Players have found that for bridges, structures can be placed theoretically under asphalt. It looks really easy and evokes the magic “WTF” on the faces of opponents.

This was presented by one of the Reddit users. See for yourself:

How to troll a bridge and leave players clueless from FortNiteBR

It really looks like someone was building a classic turtle. Meanwhile, when the opponent approaches, he simply sees empty structures.

This can be used immediately for disposal. After all, such an unconscious lamb is easy to get somewhere from the side. He is expecting someone inside the structures rather than somewhere behind him.