FunPlus Phoenix Skins. Final and Confirmed Player Choices


Players during the conference yesterday confirmed what skins they are aiming for.

Unfortunately, we won’t see G2 Esports styled skins in League of Legends. This FunPlus Phoenix won Worlds 2019 this year and they can choose the characters Riot will design skins for.

Even before the match, FPX players spoke about which characters they would like to see skins for. It was confirmed yesterday.

Skins selection by FPX

Skins will receive:

  • Tian: Lee Sin
  • Crisp: Thresh
  • GimGoon: Gangplank
  • Lwx: Kai’Sa or Vayne

The only unknown is the choice of Doinba, who, as he admitted at the conference, will choose a character along with viewers on the stream. Everyone will be able to vote or simply suggest what the player should choose.

The skins will be seen next year, the date has not yet been given, but it should be April – June.