A Touching Document About the History of CS: GO. “A Game That Will Never Die”


theScore esports has prepared touching material about the history of one of the most popular games on the market.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive has its better and worse moments. Valve production by many people is considered dead, artificially kept alive by game tournaments.

Meanwhile, a new document appeared on Youtube about the history of CS: GO.

“A Game That Will Never Die”

TheScore team did a really good job. If you have nothing to do and you like CS: GO – a must. We have here the production history of Valve shown from the very beginning to the present state.

You can talk a lot about the popularity of CS: GO and Valve’s movements in relation to your community. Ultimately, however, we are all players who simply follow what interests them. There is no point in delving further into it. Whether or not something is popular should not affect our opinion about any production.