Epic Sues Fortnite Tester for Revealing Chapter Two Information

Fortnite 2

Epic decided to sue a Fortnite tester for allegedly revealing Chapter Two information in advance.

According to Polygon, the company claims that Ronald Sykes, one of the early testers of Fortnite content, has revealed information about the game’s big news.

Syker, alleged in the lawsuit, tested Fortnite in Cary, California on September 21, 2019, and signed an agreement not to disclose any information about what he saw.

Three days later, Sykes shared with another Twitter user who had played Fortnite’s Season 11 and could reveal the news.

Epic claims that on October 3, Sykes told a Twitter user, “You can swim in Season 11, relax.”

On October 5, Sykes used another Twitter account called “FortNews Gawd” and promoted himself as “#1 Fortnite leaker” in which he presented an unpublished image of the Season 11 map. Sykes revealed that Chapter Two had boats and rivers along with the map, among other things.

In the process, Epic compares the actual map with the previously revealed image.

The new map arrived in Fortnite on October 16, after nearly 48 hours of inactivity in the game Fortnite’s new map, which is the star of its revamped, reinvigorated Chapter 2 update, released on 16th October after nearly 48 hours of black hole-ridden downtime.

Epic now wants to be rewarded for breach of contract and use of secret information, claiming that “information is a currency.” As he says, “Sykes took advantage of what he learned while testing the experience for Epic. He did it at the expense of Epic and the Fortnite community that looked forward to the new season eagerly, only to have one of Sykes’ planned surprises ruined.”

In September, an image of the new map was shared on Reddit r /fortnitecompetitive and no one was believed in this source, someone who had a friend working at Epic Games.

It seems that this “employee” of Epic Games was discovered.